Who is Ana Pinho, Bruno Fernandes’ Wife? Wiki, Bio, Career, Instagram, Children and Net Worth.

Ana Pinho Wiki and Bio

Ana Pinho was born on 18 April 1994 in Portugal. She is currently 27 years old.

She is Bruno Fernandes’ wife.

Bruno Fernandes and Ana Pinho

Bruno and Ana met in Boavista, Portugal as teenagers(16 years old). Consequently, they have been together since.

The couple got married back n December 2015 and their relationship has grown day in day out.


Ana and Bruno have two children,a daughter, Matilde Fernandes,  and secondly,  a son, Goncalo Fernandes.

Ana Pinho’s Career and Net Worth

Pinho is a stay-home kind of mother, so, most of her time is spent taking care of her children.

Due to the fact that she has a lot of time to spare,  Ana, is an avid social media user and mostly, on Instagram.

Ana Pinho, Bruno Fernandes and their two children.

She has 122k followers on her Instagram page.

She is her husband’s No.1 supporter and this is a fact as she is seen in most of her husband’s club and International games, together with her children.

Ana’s net worth is tied with that of her husband at £6million.


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