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Courtney Simmonds-Miller reveals she was Simon Leviev’s first victim.

Courtney Simmonds-Miller has recently claimed that she was the first victim of the “Tinder Swindler”, Simon Leviev.

Simon is thought to have conned women and businesses around the world out of more than £7million($9.495 million).

Simon Leviev was born on 27 September 1990 (age 31 years), in Bnei Brak, Israel. The Israeli-born conman was convicted of theft, forgery, and fraud through a Ponzi scheme across Europe.

Courtney Simmonds-Miller claims she is the first victim of the Tinder swindler, Simon Leviev(man in the picture).

Back in 2015, Leviev was sentenced to two years in prison in Finland, and later in 2019, he spent 15months in an Israeli prison.

FAQ: What is Simon Leviev’s birth name? ANS: Simon Leviev was born Shimon Yehuda Hayut.

Simon changed his legal name from Shimon Hayut to Simon Leviev, to pretend he was related to Lev Avnerovich Leviev. Lev is an Israeli businessman known as “The King of Diamonds”.

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As of 2019, the Tinder swindler is wanted by several European countries, one of them being The United Kingdom. Other countries include Norway and also Sweden.

Courtney Simmonds-Miller Wikipedia, Biography, and Age.

Courtney first met Simon while she was living with her grandparents in Cyprus. At this time she was 19years old.

Both Simon and Simmonds-Miller were working at Limassol selling hair products at a shopping center in 2008.

As was their customary routine to go dancing after work, Courtney would act as a wingman for Simon as he tried to lure the ladies.

Courtney Simmonds-Miller.

According to The Sun, he would fail as much as he tried.

In an interview, Simmonds-Miller claims that she was simply and utterly under the spell of Leviev.

“I was 100 percent under his spell. The closest thing I can think of is when you first meet the love of your life and you would do anything for them.”

“That’s what Simon made friendship with him like. He was very attentive, constantly complimenting me. I thought he was my soulmate in friend form and wanted to help me improve my life.

“He constantly told me he loved me and that I was his best friend… so much so I became withdrawn from my friends and family.”

Simon later lied to Simmonds-Miller that he was coming in line on inheritance. He went on to lie that he was just in Cyprus after his father sent him there to learn about the value of money.

In light of all this thrill, Courtney decided to take up Simon’s offer of a job as his personal assistant. The job had a salary of £2,500 a month.

Months later, Courtney was arrested by Cyprus police and accused of credit card fraud. This was brought about by her first assignment for Simon as his PA.

Simmonds was instructed to hire him a BMW so that he could arrive in meetings, in style.

Leviev asked her to use her name since he didn’t have an international driving license. He went on to read out his credit card details over the phone while Courtney dealt with the salesman herself.








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