Courtney Cox, Atlanta Lawyer killed.Age,Career, Family,Jarvis Jarrett Boyfriend.

Courtney Cox is a 31-year old Atlanta lawyer who was found murdered by her boyfriend, Jarvis Jarrett.

 Courtney Cox was found dead in her apartment. This incident happened inside her apartment. The murder occurred around 3 a.m on West Peachtree Street at the Atlantic House Apartments.

As Jarvis was fleeing from the police on the scene, he went into several apartment buildings in order to get away. He allegedly tried to escape using Courtney’s balcony while pointing a rifle at the police. He was shot and killed on the scene.

Police reaction in the Courtney Cox murder.

The SWAT and Atlanta police arrived on the scene around 3:15 a.m. The police were alerted by neighbours, by a 911 call, after a bullet fired by Jarrett broke a water pipe in the building. This resulted in water flooding apartments on the 21st floor.

Once inside the apartment, the police found Courtney lying on the ground, dead by a gunshot wound.

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Family reaction

Courtney Cox was shot by her boyfriend, Jarvis Jarrett.

The families of both Courtney Cox and Jarvis Jarrett said that they were devastated by the news. They also confirmed that the couple met last summer at the same apartment building.

Courtney and Jarvis started dating soon after their first encounter. An autopsy will be performed as the authorities still investigate what actually transpired between the two.

The Atlanta people do not feel Courtney Cox deserved to die.

There has been a real public outrage following Courtney’s murder. One person who has really felt Cox’s murder sick in his gut is Mack Major. He went to post on Facebook writing;

“There’s been a lot of violence against women making the news lately. And a lot more that never makes the headlines.

This was another recent tragic case. It’s both sad and extremely disturbing. And it’s infuriating.”
He also added;

“Primarily because it never should’ve happened. This sister, Courtney Cox, did a lot of things right. Made a lot of right choices: Jack and Jill membership, Spelman, law school, eventually becoming an attorney at a prominent law firm in Atlanta.
She moved into a prestigious high-rise apartment building in Midtown Atlanta with an amazing view. She was 32 with her whole life ahead of her.

Yet she died tragically a few days ago, at the hands of a guy she had recently started dating. And if the story is accurate according to how it’s being reported, the sorry joker then tried to shoot his way out of the trouble before eventually catching a bullet like the one that killed his victim.”

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Mack Major felt that that was not enough, he went to post and say that men are not safe in this world. Maybe this is because, Courtney Cox’s boyfriend, Jarvis was shot and killed by the police, I don’t know. Have a look.

More of the Mack Major Facebook Post Following Courtney Cox murder.

“We can be as passionately dangerous as we can be passionate in other ways. So always respect a man’s potential to be dangerous.
The key is in finding a man who is more civilized.
I’m hearing people refer to the killer as a thug and a street dude, etc. I don’t know if he was or not. It doesn’t matter. Men who were bookish nerds have killed people too.
We have to stop this whole ‘Successful black women love thugs’ nonsense, which is making its round indifferent comment streams over this story. That’s not even the case.
“However, black women, just like many women, do prefer men that make them feel safe. Particularly men who make them feel safe from other more dangerous men. That’s a natural feeling.”
The guys who seem more brash and fearless tend to be the ones who make some women feel safer to be with. It’s embedded in a woman’s nature to want to feel protected. And there’s nothing wrong with that.

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“What’s needed now more than ever is insight and perception. Women need to start vetting the men they choose to date far more carefully. You need to find out just how wounded the man is before you invest time and attention into the relationship.”
You can check out more of Mack Major’s posts on his Facebook page, HERE.


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