Who is Tessica Brown/ “Gorilla Glue Girl”?Wiki, Bio, Career,TikTok, husband, children and net worth.

Tessica Brown was born on October 21 1981 in the USA and she is 40-year-old as of 2021.

Tessica is an upcoming tik toker who has 69.3k followers and 1.2 million likes.

Brown is best known as the “Gorilla Glue girl.” Tessica’s TikToker with im_d_ollady user ID has become the Gorilla Glue trend on Twitter after using its products as hair spray for about a month.

Brown posted a video explaining the sticky condition that she was facing and as a result, she started a GoFundMe initiative where she raised a large some $75,000 thousand to turn her hair back to normal.

Tessica also said that the glue made her hair grow tighter on her head, which caused painful headaches. Brown admitted herself to the emergency room at St. Bernard Parish Hospital in Chalmette, Louisiana, after her incident went viral.

tessica brown

According to TMZ, Brown hired an attorney and is currently weighing litigation against Gorilla Glue for the lack of a disclaimer clearly warning to avoid putting the product on one’s scalp. Gorilla Glue, which has a product label warning against close contact with eyes, skin, or clothing, does not mention avoiding contact with hair as a precaution.




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