UEFA, teams to increase from 32 to 36 reforms set for 2024.

more games for fans to watch after proposed UEFA reforms on the number of teams allowed to participate now likely to be implemented sooner than expected. According to trusted sources, the new format will provide more games between the European participants and the last knot to solve is the four extra places in the competition.

FIFA president gGanni Infatino

The format to be used for the inclusion of the four additional teams after 2024 is already in place.  with the suggestion, that qualification for the four additional teams could be based on ‘historic achievements, and a previously successful team could still qualify for the Champions League after a ‘bad season’.

The draft also has it that To win the current competition, you will have to play 13 games: six in the group stage, two legs in the last 16, quarter-finals, and semi-finals, followed by the one Final on neutral turf.

winners of last year UEFA

According to some trusted sources recommendation on the draft proposes that the 36 teams will be concentrated in a single group but divided into four categories based on the UEFA ranking.

Each team will play five games at home and five games away 2 games will be against opponents of the same group: the other eight will be divided equally among the remaining categories.

At the end of the first phase, the first eight will advance to the knockout stages, while the teams from ninth to 24th will play in a play-off to create the remaining eight teams for the knockout board.

This news translates to more revenue generation by  UEFA since more games will be broadcasted and hence more money to both parties.

The UEFA thus have more games to sell to broadcasters, expanding from 125 to 209, and the report claims it was necessary to increase the revenues of the event and to distribute more money.

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