Who is Jerry Lee Lewis, cousin, Myra Brown, Spouse/Wives, Age, Children, Bio/Wiki, Net worth, songs, Cause of death, Scandal?

Jerry Lewis Amecan singer

Jerry Lee Bio/wiki

Jerry Lee Lewis was born in Louisiana on September 29th, 1935. His upbringing was troubled, and his father struggled to make ends meet. Jerry Lee left school at 13 with barely a formal education. Inspired by Elvis Presley, Jerry Lee went into music, mainly playing jazz, before switching to rock ‘n’ roll.

Who is Myra Brown, the cousin jerry lee married

This a subject that is not usually talked about in recent years but sparked a lot of outrage in the past. Lewis married  Myra when she was  13 years old, and he was later arrested for statutory rape as an adult when she became pregnant at 14 years old.

Myra and Jerry’s marriage faced the first hurdle and outrage when the singer took her to England. On landing in the UK, the singer introduced Myra as his wife and lied about her age. Jerry lied that Myra was 15 years old. This did not sit well with the England Fan base on learning she was 13 years old when they married.

This marriage almost crippled Jerry’s Music career. He received a lot of backlash. The British press began labelling Lewis as a “cradle robber” and a “baby snatcher,” criticizing his performances. This led to the cancellation of his tour, and the couple returned home.

Myra Brown, age Ex-wife of Jerry  Lee Lewis.

Born on July 11th, 1944  United States, she is 78 years old.

Myra Brown, Net worth Ex-wife of Jerry  Lee Lewis

Her Net worth is unknown at the moment.

Myra Brown and Jerry Lee’s Children Phoebe Lewis and

Steve Allen Lewis

Phoebe Lewis is the daughter of American jazz and rock ‘n’ roll singer Jerry Lewis and Myra Brown. Born out of a scandalous relationship when her mother was only 14 years old and close cousins.

Phoebe was born in 1963  in the United States of America. She is 59 years old. She had a younger brother named Steven Allen Lewis. phoebe Lewis Has three step-brothers: Jerry Lee Lewis Jr, Jerry Lee Lewis III, Steven Allen Lewis, Ronnie Guy Lewis, and a sister, Lori Jerry Lewis.

Phoebe Lewis, age Myra Brown and Jerry Lewis, Daughter

Born in Born 1963 in the United States, she is 59 years. Steve Allen Lewis, The late Steve, was the son of jerry and Myra and died when he was only three years old. He drowned in a swimming pool accident.

Steve Allen Lewis’s age Myra Brown and Jerry Lewis’s son

Born in 1959 and died three years late due to accidental drowning.

Jerry Lee Lewis’s Spouses/Wives.

Before the scandalous marriage with Myra Brown, Jerry was married and divorced twice. The singer has been married seven times and divorced six times. The following are his ex-wives chronologically according to the year of marriage.

Dorothy Barton’s former wife, Jerry Lewis

Best known as the wife of  Jerry barton, They married in 1952, and the couple divorced in 1953. The couple has no children together. Dorothy is 59 years old.

Jane Mitchum’s former wife, Jerry Lewis,

She is the ex-wife of American Singer Jerry Lee, who married in 1953 and divorced in 1957. The couple has two children, two boys, namely Ronnie Guy Lewis and Jerry Lee Lewis Jr.

Jaren Elizabeth, former wife of Jerry Lewis,

The ex-wife of jerry Lewis was Married in 1971. after divorcing Myra Gale. The marriage ended after her sudden death in 1982. The couple shares a daughter named Lori Lewis.

Shawn Stephen, the former wife of Jerry Lewis,

was the fifth wife of Jerry Lewis, married in 1983 and divorced in the same year. Not much is known about her.

Kerrie McCarver, the former wife of Jerry Lewis,

She is the ex-wife of American Jazz singer Jerry Lewis married from 1984 to 2005. This was the longest marriage of the American singer. The couple shares a son named Jerry Lee Lewis III.

Judith Brown, the former wife of Jerry Lewis,

She is the current wife of American Jazz and rock n roll Musician and songwriter Jerry Lewis. Married in 2005 Natchez, Mississippi, United States. The couple does not have children together.

Jerry Lee Children

The American Jazz singer has six children from different marriages, four boys and two girls. Namely Phoebe Lewis, Jerry Lee Lewis Jr., Lori Lee Lewis, Jerry Lee Lewis III, Steven Allen Lewis, and Ronnie Guy Lewis.

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