5 most promising NFL players in 2022

Kirk Cousins

A person’s past or present works are not always indicative of their future success in the NFL. In fact, a player has to prove themselves as someone who can contribute right away and set themselves apart from other players. Here are five players that have just entered the league and have shown potential in their first few weeks to be great players.

1.  Kirk Cousins

QB Washington At the age of 28, Kirk Cousins has already proven that he can play in the NFL. He has some championships on his resume and has had a winning record with each of the teams he’s played on thus far. He’s not an elite quarterback, but he is a very good one with a lot of potentials.

A few years ago, he signed a deal with the Washington team to make him one of the highest-paid quarterbacks in the NFL. This past offseason, the team made a few changes to their team in the free agency. They signed a few players that have the ability to take over for Cousins and make him a backup player. If this transition happens well, then he could still get playing time with the team even though he has been traded to another team.

2. Corey Davis

WR Tennessee Corey Davis is another player that was drafted at the top of the draft by his former college (Oregon). At the NFL Draft, it was widely expected that he would be a first overall pick and a major star in the NFL. He missed the first preseason games due to injury but is back out on the field now. He had an excellent rookie season with 1, 000 yards and 12 touchdowns. This year, he is expected to be a more dominant player for his team. They have many great receivers on their roster such as Delanie Walker and Rishard Matthews. This team expects more from Davis this season, so that he can be a great receiver.

3. Saquon Barkley

RB New York Giants Saquon Barkley is a very talented player that has the talent to become a star for the New York Giants. He was taken number two overall by the team and has already been named to the Pro Bowl back in 2018. He is an excellent running back with good speed and agility. He is expected to be a major factor for the team this season with the additions of Barkley and OBJ, who both can help him with his production.

4. Josh Allen

QB Buffalo The Buffalo Bills were able to select Josh Allen in the first round of the draft this past April. At 6’5” and 246 pounds, he has great size to be a quarterback in the NFL. He has had some struggles early on, but might be able to turn things around after a few more games in the NFL. He has good accuracy and speed on the field, which will help him be a better player for his team. He’s expected to have a big season this year that can help the Bills make it to the playoffs for the first time in years.

5. Deshaun Watson

QB Houston Deshaun Watson was excellent when he was healthy last season. He suffered an ACL injury but is expected to recover fully from it after nine months of recovery time. During his short time in the NFL, he has shown some promise with his passing and running abilities. He is another young player that’s expected to have a good season. This team has been trying to make it to the playoffs for some time now and they are hoping this is their year.

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