Ali Abulaban, TikTok Star accused of killing wife and her “boyfriend”.

Ali Abulaban, TikTok star accused of killing wife and her male companion after installing spying app.

Ali Abulaban installed the spying app on his 5-year old daughter’s iPad.

Prosecutors said Abulaban had secretively installed a listening device, and when he heard his wife and another man talking, he went to her apartment and shot them to death.

Abulaban however pleaded not guilty on Monday to shooting and killing his wife(also the baby mama) and a man. Reports indicate the wife was with the man, “boyfriend”,  last week at a San Diego high-rise.

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The Police department identified the victims as Ana Abulaban(28 years old)of San Diego, and Rayburn Cadenas Barron(29)of National City.

Ali Abulaban is charged with special-circumstance allegations of multiple killings, which means, prosecutors can seek the death penalty if he is convicted.

The Prosecutors also claimed Abulaban’s wife had asked him to move out of their 35th-floor apartment on Oct. 18. This was due to a string of alleged domestic violence incidents.

Ali goes by the name, JINNKID on TikTok. He has 948.7k followers and also 12.1M likes. You can check out his TikTok page, HERE.

JinnKid’s TikTok page.

Ali Abulaban, Jinnkid’s posts mostly revolve around comedy skits and celebrity impersonations.

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