who is Polina?, a nine-year-old Ukrainian girl killed by Russian soldiers alongside her parents, Bio/Wiki, Parents, Siblings, Brother, Sister, Death, Age, Grade.


Who is Polina Ukrainian girl killed by Russian soldiers

Polina was a Ukrainian girl a fourth-grader at primary school in Kyiv She is believed to be around 10 and nine years old.

Polina was shot killed alongside her parents when Russian soldiers opened fire on their family car she is among more unidentified children killed since the Russian-Ukraine invasion ordered by Vladimir Putin.

Polina is one of the first young victims of the ongoing Ukraine Russian invasion to be pictured other large numbers of unidentified young children have been killed, left injured, and separated from their parents.

She has left behind two siblings a brother and a sister who are both seriously injured and hospitalized.

Bubbly Polina.

Polina Parents

Polina’s parents are yet to be identified but they were both killed alongside her they were in their family car.

They have left behind two other a boy and a girl children who are badly injured and orphaned at the same time the incident happened on a street in the northwest of the capital city.

Polina’s parents are among thousands of parents who have lost their lives and separated from their children and other family members during the Russian war against Ukraine.

Polina age

Her age exact age is not identified she was s fourth-grade student at a certain primary school in the capital city of Kyiv.

Polina Siblings brother and sister

Polina has left behind two siblings a brother and a sister they were all in the same Family when the Russian soldiers open fire.

Her brother is receiving treatment at Okhmatdyt children’s hospital while her sister is in intensive care at a second hospital, the city’s deputy mayor Volodymyr Bondarenko said.


Polina was a fourth-grader at a primary school in Kyiv capital of Ukraine.

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