Who is Marivi Weidman, Chris Weidman’s wife? Biography, Wiki, Career, Children and net worth.

Marivi Weidman was born on October 18th, 1986(age 34years) in New York. Marivi was born, Marivi Caban. She is half Hawaiian and half Puerto Rican and is best known for being the wife of Chris Weidman’s wife.

Christopher James Weidman(36years) is an American professional mixed martial artist. Weidman currently competes in the middleweight division for the Ultimate Fighting Championship. He is the former UFC Middleweight Champion.

Marivi went to Baldwin Senior High school and graduated from Hofstra University in 2004. She works as an auditor at Price Water House Coopers.

Marivi and Chris met in Long Island, New York while they were still young kids. Marivi’s brother was on the same team Chris was in and the relationship just seemed to grow day in day out until they got married in 2009.

The couple had three children together; Cassidy Weidman, Colten Weidman, and CJ Weidman.

Marivi is estimated to have a net worth of around $750,000.



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