Who is Jaquan Yulee Girlfriend, Jaquan Yulee Children,  Bio/Wiki, Family, Age, Education, Career, Parents, Cause of death, Net worth, Salary, Team/Club, Position?


Jaquan Yulee was a rising American footballer, he started playing football while at  Indian River High school and he was regarded as a star player later joined Marshall University’s, Thundering Herd. His footballing career was on a steady rise catching the interest of ESPN who ranked him very highly.

Jaquan Girlfriend.

Jaquan shared nothing about his love life on socials, though he was active on Twitter.

Jaquan Children

Information about his kids is still on review at present we know nothing.


Jaquan played for Indian River Highschool and had recently joined Marshall University’s, Thundering Herd
he had received offers from Alabama, Clemson, and Florida before meeting his untimely demise.

Jaquan Parents

Father Fred Yulee and Mother Leslie Yulee there is no sufficient information about them or other family members.

Jaquan’s Net worth.

Still under review though Jaquan lived a lavish life his net worth is unknown.

Jaquan’s Salary

Still under review though Jaquan lived a lavish life his net worth is unknown.

Jaquan Yulee parents Bio/Wiki

Apart from their names, nothing is to be confirmed at the moment.  information about their Careers, ages, net worth, other children will be updated soon.

Jaquan Yulee siblings

Information about his siblings to be updated.
Jaquan Yulee Car accident scene.

Cause of death

Jaquan died due to a gruesome car accident he was the only passenger inside the car, he was pronounced at the scene.


Jaquan Yulee was a linebacker.



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