Who is Chiara Aurelia? Wiki, Bio, Career, boyfriend and net worth.

Chiara Aurelia was born on 13 December 2002(age 18 years) in New Mexico, United States. She is an American breakout Actress who plays Jeanette Turner on the ’90s-era Freeform series, Cruel Summer.

In 2014, the same year, she landed the part of young mean girl Addison on Pretty Little Liars, a career move that has undoubtedly paved the way for her role in Cruel Summer.
Chiara and Olivia Holt in Cruel Summer

Aurelia, who’s based in Los Angeles, spent the past six months with her cast in Dallas filming “Cruel Summer,” is poised for a major breakout with the series.

Aurelia stars as Jeanette Turner, a teenager who is dorky one summer, popular the next, and then ostracized for her possible involvement in popular girl Kate Wallis’ disappearance.  While Kate Wallis(Played by Olivia Holt) is missing, Jeanette takes her place in the social pecking order, complete with friends and boyfriend. The storyline alternates between time and both girls’ points of view.

“It’s a huge, twisty, adventurous ride, You can’t really expect anything. There is a whole slew of twists and turns, and that’s the joy of it. There are more mysteries than you might expect, more characters involved than you might see at first, and every detail is like a bunch of breadcrumbs that will lead you to the truth.” the New Mexico native told Entertainment Weekly on Monday, April 19.


Chiara’s personal Life is still Unknown, although it is still believed that she is currently single as of 2021.

Chiara’s net worth is estimated at around $15 million and climbing following her role in Cruel Summer.




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