Beloved Drummer Brit Turner passes away at 57, leaving a legacy of Musical brilliance.

Brit Tuner

Who is Brit Turner? Age, Wiki, Bio, Job/Career, Family, Instagram, Wife, Child, death, sickness, net worth and conclusion.

Brit Turner was the drummer for the American rock band Blackberry Smoke. He will be remembered for his exceptional drumming skills and contributions to the band’s success. The southern rock band shared the new on social media to confirm his death.

Join us as we find out who Brit was, his childhood, his family and his career.

Brit Turner Age, Wiki and Bio

Brit Turner was born in Mt Clemons, Michigan,  United States in September, 1971.  The renowned drummer has passed away at the age of 57.

He has left behind a rich legacy filled with his musical brilliance  rich with memories, having hugely affected the success of the rock band, BlackBerry Smoke.  His musical ingenuity was also seen in the rock music scene in general.

Brit Turner Childhood

Brit spent his early Childhood in Atlanta, Georgia United States. Turner was born in Mt. Clemons Michigan State in 1966 but was raised in Smyrna, Atlanta Georgia. Brit Turner and his brother, Richard Turner, a bass player, were in the same band, Blackberry Smoke.

His passion for music and especially rock began to grow and flourish with his age. His early teen years were filled with a deep love for rhythm and sound as well as a captivity and exploration of the same.

He immersed himself in various musical influences, laying the foundation for his future career as one of the most talented rock drummers of his time.

Brit Turner and the Blackberry Smoke
Brit Turner and the Blackberry Smoke

Brit Turner BlackBerry Smoke, Career/Job

In 1988, Brit former the thrash-metal band, Nihilist. His brother, Richard Turner played the bass.

The duo in 2000 together with guitarists Charlie Starr and Paul Jackson former the southern rock band, Blackberry Smoke. Keyboardist Brandon Still joined soon thereafter.

The band had their first major success in 2009, with “Good One Comin’ On.” The song was written by David Lee Murphy, Lee Roy Parnell and Gary Nicholson. The song featured in the band’s Little Piece of Dixie album.

In 2012, they also got a huge break in the music industry. They released, The Whippoorwill LP, on Zac Brown’s Southern Ground Records. The song reached Top 10 on the Billboard Country Albums chart. They went on to their milestone breakthrough in 2015 when their album, Holding All The Roses debuted at No.1 on the country charts.  The album featured songs like “TOO HIGH” and also, “ROCK AND ROLL AGAIN.”

Turner was priceless to the success of the Blackberry Smoke. He designed the cover for the band’s latest album, Be Right Here. This album was released in 16 February 2024, together with Dave Cobb. The album features songs like, Dig A Hole, Hammer And The Nail, Like It Was Yesterday and also, Be So Lucky. The Album Be Right Here was among the last jobs that Brit Turner did before his untimely demise.

Brit Tuner design for the album Be Right Here
The Album Be Right Here was among the last jobs that Brit Turner did before his untimely demise.

Brit Turner Instagram

Check out some of Brit Turner Photos and videos on his Instagram, @britturner13.

Brit Turner Death and Sickness

In August  16 2022, Brit Turner suffered a heart attack at his home in Atlanta. He was however discharged a mere two days after his  recovery.  He missed a few shows on the road with the Blackberry Smoke but was able to return to stage.

On November 3 2022, Turner suffered another episode and was rushed to the Emergency room. The group shared on social media. Upon receiving an MRI, the doctors found a tumor on his brain in the  frontal lobe. Brit had to have parts of his skull removed so that surgeons could remove the tumor.

It was diagnosed as a rare, aggressive and fast growing form of brain cancer, Glioblastoma. Less than a week later, Brit was discharged from the hospital again. This was on November 9.

On November 20th, Brit was on set with his buddies. On November 25th 2022, Blackberry Smoke played their homecoming show at the Fox Theatre in Atlanta and sold out for their first time. Brit was on set and afterward he received a standing ovation from the crowd during the introductions by frontman Charlie Star

“Continued testing has revealed his Glioblastoma diagnosis needs aggressive treatment. Fortunately, we are in touch with some of the best specialists to provide him the utmost care. Currently we are work our way forward using all recourses that are available,’ The band wrote November 30th. In December 16th 2022, Brit was helped off stage after having another episode in the middle of the show.

The world today mourns the loss of Brit Turner who passed away at the age of 57 after battling Glioblastoma diagnosis for two years. He leaves behind a legacy of musical brilliance and heartfelt rhythmic proficiency and brilliance.

Brit Turner Wife and Daughter

Brit Turner leaves behind his wife, Shannon Turner and his daughter, Lana Turner.  Shannon Turner was born on 10th January as Shannon Sorreils. Shannon and Brit have been married for over 20 years.

Brit Tuner and his wife, Shannon Turner together with their child, Lana Turner.
Brit Turner leaves behind his wife, Shannon Turner and his daughter, Lana Turner.

Lana Turner Brit Tuner daughter, Age Wiki Bio, Birthday, Job Career, boyfriend and Net worth.

Lana  Turner is the daughter of Brit Turner. Her mother’s name is Shannon Turner. Lana was born on 16th September 2006 in Atlanta Georgia.  She is 17 years old. Lana’s full name is Lana Jean Turner.

Her father took to Instagram to share the news of her attaining 17. He wrote,” Happy Birthday to the absolute love of our lives. Lana Jean is 17 y’all!!! So proud of this child, So happy to be your dad. Let’s all wish Lana a Happy Birthday!”

As per now there is no new information available on Lana’s career, boyfriend and net worth.

Brit Turner Net Worth.

Brit had an estimated net worth of $5 million as of 2023.

Brit Turner and his car.

Brit Turner Conclusion

Brit Turner leaves behind an esteemed legacy as an enduring musical talent, legacy drummer cherished by his fans worldwide. With his rhythmic brilliance and his passion for music, he has inspired countless hearts and will forever be remembered for his contributions to the tock music scene.






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