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Sarah Everard is a 33-year-old British woman Ms. Everard,  is originally from York and attended Durham University, before her disappearance she was residing in Clapham, south London, she is described as a very thoughtful person and beautiful.

Disappearance Sarah was last seen six days ago , in Clapham, south London, on her way home from a friend’s house.  she was wearing a green rain jacket, navy blue trousers with a white diamond pattern, and turquoise and orange trainers. She is thought to have been wearing green earphones and a white beanie hat. Sarah’s disappearance has made some people in and around Clapham nervous for their own safety.

MET police officer prime suspect

suspects The main suspect in the disappearance of Sarah is an officer with Parliamentary and Diplomatic Protection Command, the suspect is in his 40s, A woman, in her 30s, is also in custody after being arrested on suspicion of assisting the offender.

search team

search the search for Sarah is still ongoing and people are being encouraged to come forward, with anything they might have,by the investigating police.Officers are currently searching locations in London and Kent including a property in Deal and an area of woodland near Ashford.

since last Wednesday, officers have visited more than 750 homes in the Clapham area and have received more than 120 phone calls frsinom the public, the Met said.

family apart from her cousin , Tom Everard,  who said the family want to “focus on the facts as they emerge”.the other family members  information is less known about them.

Josh lowth

 Boyfriend sarah is currently dating Josh Lowth  who had earlier shared a post on Facebook, which said: “Sarah is still missing.  Please share this post to help us to find her. Today, more than ever, we miss our strong, beautiful friend.”

 Career sarah was a Marketing executive before her disappearance.