Why were the Top EPL teams crucial for the European Super League?

The European Super League was a group of 12 clubs from across Europe’s biggest leagues that announced plans to form a new competition called the Super League. The league had plans to offer permanent spots to some of the world’s biggest clubs and play matches midweek while allowing the involved clubs to remain in their domestic competitions.


It was announced on Wednesday that the league would not continue. European Super League founder and Juventus chairman Andrea Agnelli said that the league can no longer go ahead after six English clubs withdrew.

Football fans of the Top 6 EPL teams took a stand against the Super League with concerns majorly focussed on elitist and exclusionary, removing healthy competition. The other major concern was that the owners of the clubs involved seem to be more fuelled by financial reasons than by a genuine love of the game.

Following the departure of the six English clubs,  the Spanish and Italian participants have been left stranded.


Manchester United, Manchester City, Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, and Tottenham have officially abandoned the Super League.


With being top of the English Premier League,  the teams mentioned above carry with them a certain sway or one could say, power! The EPL is known to many to be the most competitive Football League in the world, and being the teams that are constantly holding the tide wave, these teams tend to possess an untold grab of power over the governing body.

fans protesting against the super league

Also, the said teams, tend to have a high number of football fans with which number comes close to more than half a billion fans. These fans range all over the world.

As is the norm, Football fans are the final say, and this has come to pass following the major protests across the board. These protests were one of the reasons why Manchester United, Manchester City, Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, and Tottenham have actually left the Super League.




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