Who is the kid shot in the Newton Elementary School? Age, Race, Family, cause of death and Net Worth.

A kid was shot in Newton Elementary school on Thursday afternoon. The kid’s name is yet to come to light as police records are on hold.

Newton Police Chief Randy Patrick confirmed that it was an accidental discharge from another student’s backpack.

Joedy Pennington, Newton County Sheriff also confirmed the child was airlifted to a trauma center in Jackson.

Chief Patrick consequently confirmed the Mississippi Bureau of Investigation is handling the case and any outcome will be tied to that agency’s findings.


Antionette Evans, the mother of the 6-year-old, is grateful her son is still alive.

However, Evans said she’s shocked and wondering how this could’ve even happened.

“I’m sad that it’s happened to him, that I couldn’t protect my child. I’m mad about it, you know, how it happened. It’s just a lot going on. He’s going to be in a wheelchair for a while. He has to have physical therapy. We’re going to have to have a lot of help with him and stuff because it’s going to be a while before he can start back walking again.”

Evans consequently confirmed the bullet went through his lower right back and came out his right buttocks area where he’s now left with a fractured femur.

She said the child will need at least two surgeries, with the first one Friday morning.

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