Who is Paige Rice? Woman Dies in Queensway Tunnel Birmingham Accident

Paige Rice Age, Bio, Wiki, Career and Net Worth.

Paige Rice, Died in Queensway Tunnel Birmingham Car Crash Accident. The crash took place in the early hours of Sunday in Merseyside.

The incident happened inside the Queensway tunnel around 12:30 am on Sunday. Paige passed away while two other men also got injured. Both are in critical condition in the hospital.

Bio and wiki aren’t available right now for the Paige Rice, updates later on. Paige is 22-years old.  The names and ages of the two injured men are also currently unavailable.

The collision involved a taxi and an Audi S3, which was traveling from Liverpool towards Birkenhead.

According to our sources, Paige went to Valentine theatre school. The school released a statement to condole the family and also Paige’s friends. Here it is:

“Despite the passing years, all the kids who pass through my door hold a special place in my heart. Today my heart is broken with the devastating news of the passing of beautiful Paige Rice. Paige was a beautiful & talented little girl who grew into a beautiful young woman, you will never be forgotten Paige & you will always be a Valentino. Rest in peace Angel. Sending all my love to your lovely family at this very sad time” ❤️



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