Who is Naci Agbal , Turkey Central Bank governor, Cause of Sack,Age,Net worth,Turkish lira,Wife,Children,

NACI AGBAL He is a former Turkish central bank governor, born in January 1968 in Bayburt, Turkey. He went to the University of Istanbul, He is a member of the Justice and Development Party. He is also a well-known politician being a former member of parliament. He has been credited for improving the value of the Turkish lira and pulling the lira back from historic lows.

AGE He is 53 years old, born in January 1968.

WIFE MR Naci is married to Mehtap Ağbal .

CHILDREN Naci and Mehtap have two children together.

CAREER Mr. Naci is Naci Ağbal is a Turkish politician and former civil servant from the Justice and Development Party who served as the Minister of Finance between 2015 and 2018. He was the Member of Parliament for the electoral district of Bayburt, a position he held until 2018 after being elected during the June 2015 general election.

SACK Mr. Agbal was dismissed by the president Mr. Erdogan replaced him in a surprise move on Saturday, the third central bank governor exit in under two years. Mr. Agbal, appointed in November, had been raising interest rates to fight an inflation rate running above 15%.

CAUSE OF SACK It’s believed that Mr. Agbal was sacked after raising the interest rates to 4% on Saturday, He was replaced by Sahap Kavcioglu who is a little-known professor of banking and a former lawmaker from the ruling Justice and Development Party. He is known to oppose high-interest rates as a way of fighting inflation.


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