Who is MacKenzie Scott? Age, Novels, Philanthropy work, Net-Worth, Marriage and Children

MacKenzie Scott Tuttle is an American Novelist and philanthropist born on April 7, 1970 (age 50), San Fransisco, California, U.S.A.

In 2006, Scott won the American Book Award for her 2005 debut novel, The Testing Of Luther Albright. She has also written;


cover page of MacKenzie Scott”s novel, The Testing Of Luther Albright
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In May 2019, Scott signed The Giving Pledge a charitable-giving campaign where she is to give away most of her wealth to charity throughout her lifetime and in her will. The Giving Pledge is legally non-binding. In December 2020, MacKenzie stated that she had donated  $5.8 billion to more than 500 non-profit organizations with a focus on racial equality, LGBTQ equality, democracy, and climate change. Also, she wanted to help largely affected people due to the results on the impact of Covid-19 on the peoples’ economic structure. She stated that the government funds were not able to reach the people fast enough.


MacKenzie Scott

Scott’s  2020 charity donations are one of the biggest annual distributions by a private individual to working charities.

In 1993, Scott and Bezos were married, and in 1994, they both left D. E. Shaw and moved to Seattle. Scott was one of the first employees of Amazon company. When the company started to prevail(Amazon), she began to feed on her roles in the company and decided to mainly work on her family and her literary career. In 2019, the couple divorced on good terms. They have four children: three sons and one daughter adopted from China.


Scott and her children. Also Jeff Bezos

Scott, 50 has quietly wed Seattle teacher Dan Jewett, according to a blog post from the groom. It’s unclear when the newlyweds tied the knot; Scott could not be reached for comment. Scott and Dan met while working at a hedge fund in New York. Mr. Jewett is a teacher at Lakeside School, according to the school’s website.

Scott and Jeff Bezos

Scott is the third richest woman alive as of 2021 with a net worth of $62.7 billion. At the time of their 2019 divorce,  Scott received 4% of Amazon’s shares as part of her divorce settlement which is equivalent to $36 billion.

Scott’s house




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