Who is Linda Wilson, Ronnie Wilson’s wife? Age, Children and Net Worth.

Linda Wilson Age, Career, Bio, Wiki

Linda Wilson is best known for being the wife of the famous band singer, Ronnie Wilson. She was born Linda Boulware but after marrying the love of her life, she took up the husband’s name.

Linda was more so the silent one in the relationship. She however never waived to show the love she felt for her husband. Even in the darkest of times, she was there to support her husband.

Details of how long this couple has been married are still amiss from the media. Updates will follow soon after discovery.

Linda Wilson

Ronnie Wilson passes away at the age of 73.

Linda confirmed the passing away of her husband to TMZ. The singer died on Tuesday, November 2, 2021, in his home in Tulsa, Oklahoma. He passed away at 10.01 am.

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Ronnie suffered from a stroke last week and had also gone down on a semi-coma this week before passing away. News has emerged that this was not the first time Ronnie suffered from a stroke. Incidents like this have happened on occasion.

Linda  Wilson also confirmed that as her husband took his last breath, she was holding his hands. He died peacefully in the presence of his loved ones.

Who is Ronnie Wilson?

Ronnie Wilson is a founding member of the band, The Gap Band. Ronnie and his two brothers, Charlie and Robert Wilson, founded the band back in 1974. The band was also founded in Wilson’s hometown in¬†Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Ronnie Wilson and his brothers, Robert and Charlie.

The Gap Band is famed for its hits such as; Yearning for Your Love, Outstanding, You dropped a Bomb on Me, and also Early in the Morning.

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In the band, Ronnie was a keyboard player, trumpeter, singer, and also songwriter. He co-wrote the better part of the songs the band produced.

Ronnie’s brother, “Uncle” Charlie Wilson has been leading charts as one of the greatest leading soul singers to ever grace this beautiful world.



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