Who is Laurel Goodwin Husband, Walter wood, Children, Siblings, Sister, Maureen Scott, Bio/Wiki, Net worth, Age, Career?


Who is Laurel Goodwin

Laurel Goodwin was an American actress and television personality born on 1 August 1942 in Wichita, Kansas, United.

The 72yeas old is best known for her role in girls! girls! girls! alongside late popular musician and actor  Elvis Presley.

She was married to the late Walter Wood who was an American private business executive they married in 1971 until his demise.

Laurel on the far right Elvis presley during a shoot

 Laurel Goodwin husband and Children

Walter Wood.

He was best known for being the husband of Laurel Goodwin. He was an American businessman and an executive in private business who was not known to the public.

Walter and Laurel got married in 1971 until he sadly passed away.

Children, there is no available information about laurel children there is no record about any children associated with Walter.

 Net-worth and Siblings

Laurel Goodwin has an estimated net worth of $2 Million in 2022 from the various movies and Tv gigs,


Maureen Scott is best known as the sister of the 72-year-old actor and nurse. She was the one who confirmed the bad news of the passing of laurel.

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Laurel was 72 years old born in Wichita, Kansas, on August 11, 1942, in the United States there is no information about her husband and her children’s age and birthdates available at the moment.


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