who is Lakeiva Jackson young thug baby mama, Age, Parents, Mother, Bio/Wiki, Sherina Jackson, Children, Son, Kyvion Jackson, Net worth, Cause of death, Career, Boyfriend?


Lakevia Jackson is one of the baby mamas of American rapper young thug, shot dead on Thursday 17th March 2022.

She was shot and killed by a man after a dispute over a bowling ball in Atlanta.

The incident happened at the Metro Fun Center in Atlanta just before 11 pm on Thursday evening.

The 31-year-old was a mother of one son who she shares with rapper Young Thug.

Lakevia Jackson Children Kyvion Jackson.

The 31-year-old is a mother of a 14-year- old boy who he shares with rapper Young Thug named Kyvion Jackson.

Kyvion 14 years old is devastated by the news of the passing of her mother according to her grandmother Sherina Jackson.

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His father Young is yet to comment about the incident although his spokesman said the rapper is grieving  in private.

Lakevia Jackson family parents mother Sherina Jackson.

Sherina Jackson is the mother of Lakevia and according to sources, she is the one who broke the news.

Young Thug and LaKeiva met before the rapper was famous Sherina said to Tori Cooper a news source.

“I didn’t know that was going to be the last time I talked to my baby,” said LaKevia Jackson’s mother. “I could hear her over the phone crying and screaming then her best friend said she’s not breathing! I lost my baby all over a bowling ball.”

Young Thug American rapper.

Lakevia Jackson Killer.

  Lakevia was at the bowling alley on a friend’s birthday. A fight over a bowling ball ensued with an unidentified man.

The unidentified suspect waited for her in the parking lot for 20 minutes. and shot the 31-year-old.

His 14-year-old is very devastated by the news Sherina her grandma says he is not well.

Lakevia Husband/Boyfriend.

Young Thug and Lakevia started dating before the rapper became famous and they share a son together.

There is no available information on who the 31-year-old was dating although young has many baby mamas and girlfriends.




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