Who is Hoda Abdel-Hamid Aljazeera News War, Correspondent, Journalist, Husband, Children, Age, Career, Documentaries, War zone areas, Net Worth?


Hoda Abdel Hamid is an Aljazeera Journalist, Currently working as a senior correspondent in Ukraine covering the Russian-Ukraine invasion.

The Aljazeera Journalist is 49 years old born in 1973, she has covered major stories around the world.

Hoda Abdel Hamid reporting for Aljazeera News.

The 49-year-old is a war correspondent she has covered news in Egypt, Tunisia, Libya, currently covering the Ukraine invasion.

Career /job/Occupation.

The war Journalist is a senior International Correspondent with the Aljazeera News, She is covering the Ukraine invasion by Russia.

She has covered news in Gaza, Palestine, Israel, South Sudan, South Africa, Brazil, Ethiopia, Afghanistan, and Pakistan.

The journalist is a former ABC NEWS covering Operation Desert Fox in December 1998 in the United States of America.

The Aljazeera Correspondent has also won an award at the Festival du film de Monaco in Italy.

Notably recognized for winning Emmy Awards three times in News & Documentary category for Best Story in a Newscast.

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The 49 has worked for France 3’s in a La Marche du Siècle a program in which she covered news in different countries.

Husband and Children.

The three Emmy award winner personal and love life is not available, there is no record about his children.

Information about Hodas’s husband is unknown she keeps her love life away from the limelight her dating life is Unknown.

Hoda Abdel Hamid Nationality.

The Senior international Correspondent’s specific country of birth is unknown although she is Arabic and she is fluent in it.

She has covered news in Arabic countries such as Iraq, Turkey, Algeria, and Egypt and covered the news in the Arabic language.

Hoda Abdel Hamid documentaries and War Zones.

The award-winning journalist has featured in many news documentaries in different media networks across Europe and the Middle East.

She covered Operation Desert Fox in December 1998, Operation Shock and Awe, and the La Marche du Siècle for France 3’s.

Hoda has covered wars in Bosnia, Croatia, Algeria, Egypt, Sudan, Gaza, Rwanda, Iraq, currently in Ukraine covering the invasion.

Hoda Abdel Net Worth and salary.

The award-winning correspondent has worked with various large news outlets although her salary and net worth are unknown.



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