Who is Conor Gubby 18-year-old Scottish footballer who committed suicide? Age, Parents, Father, Declan, Girlfriend, Net worth, Mental health, Siblings?.

Conor Gubby

Who is Conor Gubby

Conor Gubby was an 18-year-old Scottish footballer who played for the Edinburgh youth football team. He took his own life in a tragic mysterious way.

The Edinburgh youth football player was suffering from mental illness which led to his demise his family is left devastated by the turn of events.

Conor posted “This is not a life worth living”, on Facebook and later added his own caption which simply read, “tired”.

Conor Gubby
Conor Gubby

Who is Conor Gubby Parents?

Conor Gubby Father.

Declan Gubby is the father of the late footballer there is not much information available at the moment about him. His heartbroken dad Declan has led tributes to Conor on social media after his tragic death. quoting “My beautiful blue-eyed baby boy kicked his way with a football to heaven at 3:50 pm today.

“His body failed and he chose to give up his fight with mental health and he chose when his time was.

“It wasn’t ever your time yet my boy and I wish you had seen that sooner and spoken up.

Conor Gubby’s mother.

Gabby’s mother’s information is yet to be established at the moment there is no available information about her.

Conor Gubby Siblings.

No information is available about Gubby’s siblings may it be brothers or sisters as soon as information is made available it will be updated.

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Conor Gubby Girlfriend.

There are no records available about Conor’s girlfriend or spouse at the moment information to be updated as soon as they are available.

Conor Gubby Age.

The young footballer was only 20 years old when he committed suicide.

Conor Gubby Net worth.

The footballer’s net worth is yet to be determined his career was just starting.

Conor Mental health.

The 20-year-old was suffering from mental illness the little information gathered from various sources showed that Conor acknowledged his struggle with mental health even discussing it on Snapchat with a friend.

Conor Gubby Cause of death.

The footballer committed suicide after posting on Facebook that he was tired and there is no life worth living quoting from a Facebook post.


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