who is BOB Beckel former Fox new political Analyst, Family, Wife Leland Ingham Keyser, and Children Daughter McKenzie Beckel ,Son Alec Beckel Bio/wiki,Networth.


Leland Ingham Keyser

Leland was the wife of Bob Beckel and they had two children together McKenzie Beckel, Alec Beckel. Married in 1992 and parted ways in 2002 she is currently married to john keyeser, the mother of two is a retired professional tennis player having undergone various surgeries due to injuries picked during his tennis career .she has also suffered addiction during her adult life.

Mackenzie ,Ingham,Alec


Leland Ingham  Keyser as mentioned above is a mother of two children  McKenzie Beckel, Alec Beckel with whom she shares with  Bob Beckel.

McKenzie Beckel

She is the only daughter to the longtime Fox News political analyst/pundit, Bob Beckel with her former partner Leland Ingham Keyser

Alec Beckel

He is the son of Bob Beckel popular fox news political pundit her mother is the retired pro-golfer Leland Ingham




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