Who is Antonella Roccuzzo; Family, Career and Net Worth

Antonella Roccuzzo

A dietician born in Argentina lived her model-long life to the world. Antonella Roccuzzo is an Argentinian model who had her road to fame with her relationship with one of the football greatest of all time, Lionel Andreas Messi

The wife of the Argentine National team captain and former Barcelona talisman is always seen on the stand cheering her husband to glory. But the Argentine beauty queen is a model and has further established her popularity with her picture flying around the internet

Moreover, while trying to scoop her dietician license, and maintaining her modeling career, the mother of the Lionel Messi children has found a way to balance all her admonishment and endeavor to be a very good homemaker at home with her husband.

Childhood, Early Life, and career of Antonella Roccuzzo 

The Argentine beauty queen and the wife of a great footballing genius, Lionel Messi was born on February 26 in Rosario, Argentina to the family of an established businessman as her father, Jose Roccuzzo, and a simple homemaker mother, Patricia Blanko among her siblings and sisterhood, Carla and Paula Roccuzzo. In their loving and bonding family.

In fact, not much about the beauty of childhood is known to the media and the rest of the world, but her passion to ensure that she has a healthy body and figure since her childhood has been the driven force behind her ambition to be a modeler while nurturing her goal to one day be a nutritionist and dietician

Though, it was speculated that Antonella attended a high school named Centro Educativo Latinoamericano, which was based in her hometown, Santa Fe, Rosario after which she joined the National University of Rosario after her high school graduation.

Moreover, she grew up in her hometown where she had her formal education and despite nurturing the ambition of a career in nutrition, she ended up being a modeling figure – while she was encouraged by her sister’s sibling.

Despite being a shy fellow without many friends to relate with like her sisters, the mother to Lionel Messi children had always a lonesome time growing up according to Antonella’s testimony. But with her is the boy who she grew up falling in love with keeping her company when he had a break from his footballing development, where they’ll have time together bonding and caring.

Though, while she began to finally have the grip of her, the Argentine beautiful model began to use her beauty to promote different products as their models while she reportedly had some time in film making with few movies.

However, she relatively left her education while she moved in with the love of her life, Lionel Messi, however, she recently return to entertain her license as a nutritionist and dietician. In fact, the Argentine modeler became so popular when her bikini picture went viral in 2012 and since then, she has become so popular while going out with Messi.

In fact, Antonella was reported to be interested in dentistry apart from her nutrition and dietician dream at a very young age in which she pursued while joining the university but opted for social media communication as the time passes until she basked a degree in the course.

Moreover, with series of adversaries that have admonished Antonella, she finally found her foot in the model, while she also finally have dreamed of a dietician ongoing. And despite having to sign some contracts with some footwear companies in 2016 and take a few roles with Argentina fashion label, Ricky Sarkany.

The modeling queen in conjunction with Sofia Balbi opens a boutique in Avenida Diagonal in Barcelona, in mid-2017. Also, she had launched the children’s clothes brand, Enfan Argentina in conjunction with her sister, while making use of her husband’s fame and children’s prestige altogether on her social media account.

Antonella Rocuzzo Relationship and family 

Antonella Rocuzzo Family
Antonella Rocuzzo Family

Not everyone is lucky like the Argentine beauty queen, who had the luck to eventually her childhood sweetheart. Though, the model dated prior to her coming back to Messi after they had both contacts for some years while focusing on their career path.

But it’s not a doubt that the two love birds have been in love with each other since their childhood, while they are both childhood friends with themselves. However, things got intense when both found each other in 2008 as well their adult relationship began

Antonella Rocuzzo had known Lionel Messi since age five as she was the cousin of the footballer’s best friend, Lucas Scaglia who has attempted to be a professional footballer. However, the two love birds have their relationship to get over the complications that come with their relationship.

In fact, in order for the two move birds to further know each other and gather experience about each other, and their lives while tiptoeing their relationship to the highest level, the two ensure that all of their affairs are kept from the media despite the nature of career they both found themselves doing.

However, after keeping their relationship in the dark with the media, they both spur their relationship to the limelight in 2012, which eventually propel the career of the Argentine beauty queen, until they got married in 2017.

More so, about 250 guests attended their wedding ranging from the teammates and former team of the footballing superstar, while the like of Shakira who is the wife of the Lionel Messi’s teammates, Gerard Pique performed at the ceremony which herald and ushered some star performance.

In fact, the love relationship that the two love birds share had to produce wonderful sons as the Argentine beauty queen, Antonella Rocuzzo, and footballing legend, Lionel Messi are the proud parents of three wonderful sons; Thiago, Mateo, and Ciro who are born in 2012, 2015 and 2018 respectively.

Though the two enjoy their stay in Barcelona throughout there life the two have set a new sail to their ambition as Lionel Messi finally move away from Barcelona to PSG. While the Les Perisen is touted to win the Champions League with the inclusion of the great footballer in their rank.

However, like NFL BET and picks for the current season have factor Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Kansas City Chief is the top favorite to win the Super Bowl because of Tom Brady and Patrick Mahomes respectively in both teams.

Have opined the champions’ odds in favor of PSG and Manchester United because of the presence of Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo who are also footballing greatest of time challengers.

Antonela Rocuzzo net worth 

With more than 17 million followers on social media and while her husband’s prestige is enacted in the mind of more than 100 million fans globally, Antonella has created a brand in conjunction with her husband and family to establish a path for herself.

While she owned series of boutiques and clothing lines, coupled with her social media influence and modeling, the wife of Lionel Messi is touted to be worth around $30 million according to series of media outlets, while most of the income streamline from her modeling and businesses.

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