Who is Ana Paula Ruiz? the woman who was killed shortly after taking a photo of his killer in front of his son, Bio/Wiki, Children, Age, Nationality, Cause of death, killer, Husband, Job/occupation, the motive for the killing.

Who is Ana Paula Ruiz?
Ana Paula Ruiz was a Mexican woman aged 41 years old who was brutally murdered by unidentified thugs after a confrontation at the wee hours of the night in Chiapas, Mexico on February 19. She was murdered in front of her son  Miguel Alejandro the killers were trying to escape with the victim’s son’s motorcycle.
Ana Paula was Mexican.
Ana Paula Ruiz was 41 years old.
Miguel Alejandro is the only son identified from various sources but she has three more children.
Uknown at the moment
She was working at the Hotel Arrecife de Coral as a receptionist.
Cause of death.
Ana Paula Ruiz was shot in the street after confronting a man who stole her son’s motorbike in Chiapas, Mexico on February 19. She was immediately rushed to hospital de Las Culturas, where she passed away on the morning of February 20.

The victim’s son Miguel Alejandro had arrived at the Hotel Arrecife de Coral, where his mother worked as a receptionist to pick her up around 11 pm.

He parked his motorcycle near the hospital, but found that it had been stolen in the few minutes he was away.

Along with his mother, they searched the surrounding streets before coming across a man in possession of Miguel’s motorbike.

They confronted the suspect but an accomplice arrived on the scene on another motorcycle. The second man reportedly took out his gun and threatened the pair.

Ruiz then reached for her phone to take a photo of the gunman moments before she was shot mercilessly ending her life.

The thug who shot Ana Paula Ruiz


The killers who shot Ana Ruiz are yet to be identified . The Attorney General’s Office of Chiapas State has confirmed that an investigation is underway for violent robbery and homicide. No arrests have been made yet.


Stealing motorcycle parked outside Hotel Arrecife de Coral.




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