Last year the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, walked away from the British Royal Family and moved to America where Meghan is from after spending their Christmas away from the Palace. In March 2020, Harry and Meghan moved to America for good and in turn, the Royal Family stripped them their Royal titles, and also the couple paid $3 million to the British taxpayers.  Reasons to why this happened are still vaguely unknown to the majority of people and maybe, tonight’s interview with Oprah Winfrey will shed a light on the matter.

On valentine’s day, the couple revealed about expecting another child. Harry’s and Meghan’s decision to chat with Oprah Winfrey has irked the Palace to a troublesome extent as cases of Meghan bullying, snubbing, and discontentment are rising. The Palace has initiated investigations into this matter but, sources close to the couple are suggesting that these claims are just but claims and effortless efforts to smear the good name of the couple.

This 90 minutes pre-recorded interview is set to be aired on America’s Network CBS, tonight at 8 PM EST/PST TIME.

This interview is fetching at least from CBS $7 million.

You can watch the interview as a Primetime special on CBS and


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