The past few days have seen Raila almost having the Kibera declaration that was halted in the last minute. The Kibera Kamukunji declaration was planned as a result of what was termed as frustration from the Jubilee party  “Deep state” meted on ODM’s BBI referendum push.

Raila’s key allies claim that Uhuru (the president) is using his key friends like Kibicho (PS Internal affairs) to frustrate the BBI popularization meetings going on all over the country. In his speech in the western part of Kenya, Orengo (below), a key man in    Odinga’s camp hinted that the deep state is being used to influence the 2022 general elections. Orengo also noted that the move is unnaceptable in a democratic republic.


Amason Kingi, who is a popular political figure in the coast is the latest ODM politician talking about forming a political party to enable the coast people have a say in the political negotiation table. This move however, has been termed by Raila’s supporters as a card being played by the jubilee party in a bid to make Raila less popular in the Coast region. during the BBI popularization tour in the coast, Raila was forced to call off some of his stops as a result of the heated political temperature in the region.

                 is Uhuru secretly endorsing Gideon Moi for presidency?

In the last few weeks, Gideon Moi has been seen in trips touring almost all regions in Kenya with Uhuru’s most trusted men flanking him. Several reports indicate that an unnamed governor was called from the Harambee house and instructed to organise several meetings in his region for Moi in a bid to make him appear popular. This move has led to ODM reading malice in the acts and opting to have a campaign of their own. This is viewed as betrayal by ODM supporters who believe that Uhuru had promised to make Raila president in 2022 as part of the handshake truce pact.

The frustrations meted on ODM and Raila have left him with no option but choosing to work with his sworn enemy, William Samoei Ruto. Oburu Odinga, Raila’s elder brother might have given out the plan in his speech to the press in the last week. All eyes are now fixed on Raila to ascertain whether they were his thoughts or just an advice from his brother.


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