Natural and faster ways to lose weight , belly/tummy Fat ,Simple Diet,No Exercise Needed.

For a very long period of time, people have grappled with the question of a perfect way of losing weight with minimal physical torture in the name of exercises which comes with a high cost of a gym subscription or a trainer. Many have tried various dieting regimes following them for a long time discarding them after some time due to different reasons like slow progress, lack of time due to job engagements, just getting tired and the list goes on and on.

KETO short name for the miraculous low carb diet KETOGENIC this is the answer. KETO is the secret key to a healthy lifestyle free of ravaging terminal lifestyle-based ailments such as Diabetics especially type 2, Heart attack due to excess fats, Cancer since cancer cells feed on sugar, in short, its the most effective way to avoid obesity which is the culmination of bad dieting for a long period of time. 

Obesity is caused by consuming high amounts of carbohydrates especially wheat-based foods e.g cakes, simple sugars, corn-based products, Fruits with high sugar content, and obviously processed food. in short, sugar is the main culprit of obesity may it be natural sugar in fruits or processed.

KETO  is the process of using ketones to produce energy in the body instead of sugar or glucose. Ketones are small fat particles broken down or synthesized in the liver .in short Ketogenic process is the process of consuming FATS to produce energy instead of glucose.

KETO diet dictates a high consumption of goods fats and low carbohydrates, 75% Fat, 20% protein, 5 carbohydrates. This is the key to rapid weight loss within a very short time with a lot of health benefits such as controlled blood sugar, apart from a perfect body shape.Ketogenic Diet and Aging





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