Kangol Kid dead at 55. Real Name, Songs, Cause Of Death, Wife, Tajiri Swindell and Daughters.

Who is Kangol Kid? Real Name, Age, Biography, Sickness, Cause of Death revealed, GoFundMe page and Net Worth.

Shaun Shiller Fequiere best known by the stage name Kangol Kid has passed away at the of 55 years old. Kangol was born on 10 August 1966 in New York, USA.

Kangol was an American hip-hop producer, songwriter, breakdancer, and also a top emcee. He passed away on I8th December 2021, from colon cancer.

The songwriter had been hospitalized for several weeks before he passed away. As Kangol was still in the hospital some of his fellow star rappers came to visit him. Some of the said rappers are; Snoop Dogg, LL Cool J, Anthony Anderson as well as Donny Osmond.

Kangol was born in Brooklyn, New York to Haitian parents.  He acquired his nickname, The Kangol Kid, from neighborhood friends during the early 1980s.

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Kangol Kid Career

This was because of the many Kangol hats he owned and also wore. At the age of 17, Kid was signed to his first record. This happened without legal representation.

Through his official sponsorship with Kangol headwear, Kid became the first hip-hop artist to endorse a product.

His signature hat has been inducted into the Collection of the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture. To many, Kid is considered to be one of the “pioneers of hip-hop”.

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The group UTFO,  consisted of Educated Rapper, Doctor Ice, and also Mix Master Ice. The group released the iconic hip-hop song Roxanne Roxanne, which ended up being the group’s most popular song.

Kangol Kid wife, Tajiri Swindell 

Shaun is survived by his wife, Tajiri Swindell, and his four daughters, Felicity, Tatiana, Jasmine, and Amancia.


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