Cassia Tavares, Jason Hitch’s Ex-wife. Age, Career, Instagram, TV Shows, Kids and Net Worth.

Who Is Cassia Tavares, 90 Day Fiance Star?

Cassia Tavares, a Brazilian born is best known for being the star of Season 2 90 Day Fiance. She got married to her co-star, Jason Hitch who has recently passed away.

Cassia met Jason through Facebook. At the time she was still dating one of his friends. When that relationship ended, Jason decided to make his move.

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Cassia Tavares Instagram

Cassia loves to travel. She is appreciative of the world we live in and she no doubt, wants to see all the places she possibly can in the shortest time possible.

Check out her Instagram, @cassia_tavares. She has over 11,500 followers on her page.

We, Cradle-info, also learned that Cassia is seeing another person following her divorce from Jason. She wrote in one of her posts, “Happy bday to the one I can’t live without. You’re so deserving of all the happiness and good things this world has to give! ily ♥️.”

Cassia and her new man, Giuseppe(Italy born) got married on February 12, 2021, in a courthouse.

Cassia Tavares and her new man, Giuseppe.

She wrote on her page, “We got married at the courthouse today! 👰🏻‍♀️
Sadly, we couldn’t do a bigger ceremony because of COVID. Also, his mom hasn’t been feeling well for some days now, but she made an effort to be with us. Yet, today is a special day that we’ll cherish forever. We went to a restaurant after and had lunch (Italian style 😄) and a small cake!
I’m so lucky to have Giuseppe as my husband, a man raised with great values, kind, polite, respectful, that always makes me feel loved! I love him so much. He’s truly one of a kind. ♥️ #blessed.

Who is Jason Hitch?

Jason Hitch is best known for being a star of the Reality Show ’90 Day Fiance’. He is reported to have passed away at an age of 45 years old.

Jason who was the star of the second season of the show has passed away due to complications of Covid-19. His sister Shannon Fitch confirmed the news to TMZ.

Shannon confirmed her brother passed away on Tuesday night inside the ICU of a Florida hospital. She also told the outlet that she and her family were able to be with the star in his final moments.

Shannon also said that Jason was not yet vaccinated and that he didn’t have any pre-existing health conditions before he contracted Covid-19. She went on to speculate that Jason’s death was not only brought about by Covid-19 complications but also some unknown factors.

Cassia Tavares and Jason Hitch

On the show, 90 Day Cassia Tavares got hitched to Jason Hitch. After they got married(2014), Cassia moved to the United States to be with her husband.

Cassia Tavares and Jason Hitch.

The couple however split in 2017 and one year later in 2018, Jason filed for a divorce. He said that his relationship did not have a good foundation at the time.

Though the divorce case was dismissed in April 2018, the couple were officially divorced by October 2018.

“A successful relationship is communication, physical attraction, and doing whatever it takes. Right now it’s time to go in different directions. I think we’ll remain friends. She knows I have her best interests at heart,” he went on to explain his decision.

Jason defended his ex-wife, Cassia Tavares saying that she did not only come to the US to become a citizen.

He said, “Cassia did not come here just to become an American citizen. She had a good life in Brazil. She was about to finish college and She didn’t have to marry me.”

Jason also said the divorce was mutual and also uncontested. He also said that the couple didn’t fight for anything and that no payments of any kind were involved in the process.

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